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Welcome to Diamond Movers.


We offer man and van hire services, or van and two men to anyone who needs a small removals company in or around Edinburgh.

Man and Van versus Van Hire


If you've moved home before, then you may have had some experience. The DIY route is definitely the cheapest option for moving house. You hire a van and get on with it, but usually what happens is, the friends who said they would help, suddenly have other commitments on the morning of your move. Then you realise you've got way more stuff than you thought, and you've got no idea how to get the sofa out of the house, and it's turning into your worst nightmare.

The other option was that big national removals company, but they wanted shares in your flat, or at least that's what it seemed like when you saw their prices.

We offer a removals service in between. A bit more than basic van hire, but not quite the full blown truck and six man removals team.

Single Item Deliveries To Flat Removals


Our main business is moving bags and boxes along with one or two pieces of furniture from locations in and around Edinburgh to anywhere in the UK. 

Add us to your quotes shortlist and see what the difference is when you move house with us.

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Tom Kinnaird
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